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Related post: Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 16:29:23 -0800 (PST) From: Rj Phantom Subject: Rags to Riches part 1All the usual disclaimers apply. Do russian loli not read if it's not legal to do tiny teen loli so in your area.Love doesn't exist, it's true. Most girls I meet these days modells preteen loli are only after two things, good sex and money. All you need to have is one or the other and you can find yourself a decent wife. My loli teen gallery name is Louis, Lou to my friends. I'm about 6' even and I've got a pretty standard build. The girls all best usenet loli seem to think hard lolikon 3d pedo so anyway. Or maybe it's because of the money.I grew up in this orphanage down the block from here, but now I'm living the good life, sort of. See when I was about 8, my parents were loli imgboard cgi ls found dead in their porn loli illegal hotel room while away on business. Apparently they were friends of the French ambassador and moved to states before I was born. My next-of-kin was an aunt that still lived in France. So they had me put me up in the orphanage until she arrived here to pick me up. After about 7 years of waiting, she finally came. By then I had a whole new life. I was enrolled in the local high school and I didn't really want to leave. I had a young loli gymnastics really good group of guys that grew up with teen picture loli me. So when I asked her for a way I could stay, she bought me loliza gallery a house, with my preteen loli nymphet own money though, money I wouldn't receive until I loli handjob was 18. Not a house, more like a mansion. She accepted legal guardianship of me and employed a whole loliza bbs crew of hot nude loli teenie maids lolis nudes to work at the house. She was a really nice lady, but I think seeing me reminded her too much of her sister. I still only see loli ls magazine her about once a month since everyone lolicon russian models got finally moved in. See, she didn't want me to live alone, so she assumed guardianship of 3 of my other friends until they all turned 18. It took awhile for her to get everyone adopted but everything worked out.The first of my friends to move in was my best friend Pete. Pete was my age when I first loli sven met him. He was the only one at the orphanage to lo loli tgp talk to me when I first got there. I was still pretty sad over lolicon 3d toon losing my parents but he free lolitta pics helped me get through it. Right now we're both 17, juniors at the same school, but back when he moved lolicon movies image boards in we were two newly wealthy, pics loli young well me anyway, 15 year old boys. The house got crazy. All my other friends came over all the time and we lolicon dog rape did all kinds of stupid things. But lolite teens the first few months when it was just me and Pete, were some of the best days of my life. Pete's the jock type, loved to play basketball on the court when we were at the orphanage, and we had lolicon gif a huge outside court at the house. He's a member of our always-losing basketball team at the school. He's about 6'2 dark brown hair, well toned body, and a huge ego, with the sex drive to match. Sometimes I can't begin to imagine how he does it. Before we had the money, none of the hot girls even looked our way, but now they won't leave us alone; something that doesn't bother Pete at all.After about 4 months of waiting, my friend Josh and his little brother Andy were finally able loli child sex to move in. I loli girl free always thought it was great how the two of them got to stay together, they're kdz loli incest porn really close. Josh is our age too, but he's a senior. They let him pass up grade in elementary school. I wouldn't say he was a genius or even smart for that matter, he's just very... driven. I don't think I've ever seen him not doing something. Because when it comes to Josh, work hard, play hard, is exactly how I would describe him.. He's a little shorter then me, about 5'8 I think. He's got that dark blonde hair that always seems to look good no matter what he does or doesn't do to it. Josh ran for school council president twice and lost both times. I don't little loli video think it upset him though, he just moves on to the next thing. Andy on the other hand, young lolits bb hated losing. He's about 2 years younger then the rest 14 yo. lolicon porn of us. I really had to beg my Aunt to let him stay with us because he would be around longer then the rest of us. But after some pleading from me and Josh she agreed.Andy is almost like his brother, except he gets a little out of control sometimes, work hard, play harder, is how I would describe him. Unlike the rest us, he has a good social standing amongst the freshmen in our school. He's always doing things he shouldn't preteen tgp bbs loli be and it drives Josh nuts. Josh took the whole "hands-off" approach when it came to raising him, a decision he's regretting a lot these days. He looks up to Pete though, and I guess he likes me a bit, but we're all protective of him.So now that everyone has been lolicon hentai incest introduced, back to our story. It'd been almost 2 years since we moved from the orphanage to the mansion.. It was a lot to take in at first. Eating what I wanted, doing what I free lolicon mpg tgp wanted, buying what I wanted, it was a little overwhelming. When the rest of the kids at school found out, we instantly became the people everyone wanted to hang out with. That bothered me, a lot, but Pete, Josh, and Andy were all fine with the popularity. I just didn't believe I could hang around such loli boys bbs lolitta virgins sex fickle people. I've had about 3 girlfriends since I got the money, and 0 before. All of them wanted to be known as Louis' girlfriend and for me to buy them nice expensive gifts to show off to their friends. cum loli The more I dated, the more I hated them. Sex was great though, but I wanted something more.About the only people I can be myself with are my friends, especially Josh. I don't sweet lolits bbs really talk to him that often though. He always seems to have an agenda, plus sex lolicon him and Andy stay on the other side of the mansion, Pete stays across the hall from my room. Josh's girlfriend, Stacey, is about the most stupid girl I had ever met. She's always around too. I don't know why, but I hated pthc child loli her since the moment we met. Whenever Josh slowed down, and we got a chance to talk, he'd always have a new complaint about her. For someone so balanced to have such a shady girlfriend is something I will never understand. Besides her, we talk about almost everything. Sometimes getting to talk to him was the highlight of my week. He'd always have something informative or wise to say about decisions I had to make, schoolwork, goals, girl problems, just about everything he had a solution for."Love does exist," Josh was explaining to me after I told him me and my latest girl had broken russian lolis ru up, "It just hasn't happened for you yet""So I guess schoolgirl lolicon you know what love is then? You preeteen loli must be in love with Stacey.""Not really""But you guys have been dating for like a year. If you don't love her then why loli 6yo are you still with her?""Cause our relationship ain't about love, we both know that""Then what's it about""Politics" Stacey was pretty popular in school, since her dad was some famous actor."So you're using her to get votes? I always thought you lolitta porno pedo liked her, explains a lot.""What's that mean? I do like her, I just don't love her.""She's not your type man, can't you see that?""Girls are my type Lou, what's it matter in loli underage forum high school anyway? Next year I'll find a better girl for me in college.""Community college you mean" I corrected him."Yea yea, I'd go to somewhere else but I got to look after Andy for 2 more years""And you don't want to leave me, I get it" I was joking with him. When we were pink loli bbs kids, we always used to talk about being friends forever and staying close no matter what we did. I don't think we all feel that way anymore."Of course man, what would you do without me?" He was smirking."I don't need you""Yes you do, in fact, I'll find a decent girl for you to go out with this time. Just leave it to me.""I don't want a new girl, I'm tired of them""So you want a boy then?""Sure why not," He was joking, I could tell, I decided to play a long for the moment but I hadn't really thought hairless little lolis about it until now "I loli under bbs could probably get a long with a guy better""You hatin on girls that much right now huh? I always youngteens loli thought you had a thing for me.""You? Yea right.""Why not?""Are you serious?""Serious about what?" Pete asked as he and Andy walked into the room. Josh and I had been sitting in the living room, if you could call it that. It was just sort of this space that was in the middle of the mansion. When my aunt was decorating I guess she decided to put some chairs, a sofa, and a table in here, so it probably qualifies as a living room. Josh and video 3d lolicon I had sat down in here to do some homework before Pete's party tonight; he threw one about once a week."I was saying I might consider dating-""Nothing man," Josh had interrupted me, "We were just joking around."I hadn't expected him to interrupt me like that. It wasn't a big deal since we were joking and pretty much told everyone about everything. It made me wonder if he was actually being serious. pink loli real Probably shouldn't think too much into it though."You guys missed it, I rika jpg loli only lost to Pete by 9 points this time" Andy had started to talk. "It was a great game.""Yea, our little brother is sexi loli blog getting good, you should try out for the team this year" Pete added. Our little brother, we always called him that. Looks like the two of them just came from playing a game on the court.. Pete was always there during the day if lolicon mpeg free he wasn't in his room with a girl or at practice."Well I'm done" Josh young little lolitta sex started to speak. "Guess I'll go pick up the rest of the stuff for the party""What's up with him?" Pete asked as Josh left the room."Don't know""You better go get ready for the party too; this one loli asians is going to be the best one yet!""I bet. You always say that""And it's boy and lolicon always true""I'm not going teenie loli model sites anyways""Why not?""Cause Jessica will probably be there, and I'm over her" Jessica was my latest ex."God, I don't get why you keep getting into these "relationships". You just need to have some fun""I'll think about it""Can I invite some of my friends from school this time?" Andy asked."Nope," Pete answered. "You know the rules, no freshmen. You're lucky you get to be there.""Fine, OK. What time cp loli ped does it start?""In about an hour or so, better go take a shower and get ready."I lolit teen top always hated these things, but everyone else loved it so I dealt with it. I always feel sorry for the maid crew that comes twice a week and cleans up the mess we always leave, I make sure to leave a big tip, the place was huge loli bbs nymphs index after all. 2 floors, 4 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, pretty ideal for the parties Pete always likes to throw. We keep our bedroom hallways off limits though. Starting from the living room area on the free video loliltas sex first floor, all the way too the left on the end is the hallway where Pete's and my bedrooms are. In-between is the kitchen, the study, and 2 bathrooms. On the right is Josh and Andy's wing, 1 bathroom, the 3d loli cartoon game room, and the maid's closet. Upstairs is model cp loli this really huge dining hall with the other 2 bathrooms. There's also a guest room but we cleared that out and put in a pool free porno lolits table. free loli xxx pic The second floor is mainly where the party is. There's a pool and pool house out back that people hang out at too.After leaving the room to go get ready I couldn't stop thinking about how weird Josh had acted. The sound of his voice when he asked me why I wouldn't go out with him was all too serious. I didn't want to hurt his feelings about it or anything. Sure he was a nice looking guy and great to talk to, but I just don't think about guys that way. Maybe I should have said that instead. I decided to get some rest before the party, these things get loli ilegal gallery kind of wild, so I take a nap and let the loud music wake me up later.When I got up I ls loliza model decided to go look for Josh to make sure everything was cool with us. After loli sex pix looking for about 15 minutes I gave up and decided to go hang out by the pool. It's what I always do at ls model portal loli these parties, hang by the pool, drink wit some people in the pool house, and go for a swim. The party inside always got kind of out of hand so I stayed outside. Everyone knew this too, so there was always a decent crowd poolside. It was mostly girls who want to hook up with me by the end of the night; I usually rewarded one of them too.I walked into the pool house after growing tired of listening to them girls try to win me over, to see Josh and Stacey playing truth or dare with a group of people from his senior class. I didn't know most of them but I knew Josh got loli bbs piss along great with everyone."Truth or Dare, Josh" I heard some girl ask not soon after I started watching. This is going to be interesting. I know Josh isn't a quitter but just how far will they make him lolicon 3d family go."Truth" Josh answered. Should have known he'd play it safe."If you could make out with one person in loliteen nude this room, other then Stacey, who would it be?" Josh started looking around the room; finding a suitable answer that wouldn't upset Stacey most likely. When he got around to where I was standing, I could swear he nodded and lingered at young loli sex me. Did that mean he would choose me? What should I do if he says my name? It would obviously be a joke though so it wouldn't count."Alexa," he finally answered. loli angel hentai She was sitting right beside me; maybe that's why he was staring. Everyone in ass pics lolicon incest school knew she wasn't into guys though, what a strange lolitta ******** kids pick. She was pretty hot though, so it's a great choice; it also didn't seem to upset Stacey since everyone had started laughing."Nice save, your turn""Truth or Dare, Lou" Josh proclaimed. I had a feeling he was going o pick me. I had a few drinks in me plus I thought it was cool to be able to hang out with the seniors like this, so I gave it a shot."Dare" Everyone started to `ooh' as if they hadn't expect me to say that. Wonder what my dare was going to be."I dare you to jump in the pool naked""Are you serious?""You backin out?""I didn't say that""Well do it then" I could tell everyone wanted to see me do it."Fine, what the hell" I yanked all my clothes off and rushed into the pool. I was about jp loli newsgroup 4 and a half inches soft so I wasn't ashamed of people seeing me naked, plus I was a little drunk. Everyone started to russian teen loli cheer as Josh helped me out with a towel. Just another `Lou moment' everyone is going loli gagging to be talking about, at least it was mostly seniors. The jump pretty much had me on a high the rest of the night. I dare to even say I had a great time.After the party was winding underage loli jpg down I was still on a high from the rush of that dare. I couldn't believe I got naked in front of people from my school. Josh and I crashed on the sofa in the living room, almost everyone was gone now."Man what a crazy dare you gave me" I told Josh."I didn't expect you to do it, you were pretty brave""Yea well most of the girls probably cute lil loli girls seen it already, nothing to be ashamed of""You got that right""So, you like what svens loli you saw?" I teased Josh, he knew I was just playing around."Not what I meant""I bet. There should lolicon porn links be a rule pick child loli pedo that you get to dare back whoever dared you. It sounds fairer that way""Oh yea, lets have it then. What would you dare me?""I would have dared you to make out with Alexa since you loli pedo gallery fantasize about doing it anyway.""That would have been easy, Stacey might not have lolits thumbnails liked it though""Hmm...Truth or Dare?""Just us two?""Why not, sounds fun""Think you had a little too much to drink" Josh was trying to back out."Or maybe you're scared""Fine, Truth""Aww, Truth again. Ok let's see." I tried to think up a good one. "Was it really Alexa who you wanted to make out with?""No""Who then?""Sorry only get one question, Truth or Dare?""Truth" Fair is fair."When you said you wouldn't go out with me if you were into guys was it true?""I suspected you were hung up on that, does it really even matter?""No but it's a matter of pride" Don't see why it's such a vombat pre loli big deal."Ok then, no it's not true, you good now?""Yup" There was a really big smile on his face quickly followed by awkward silence. loli bbs samples Why was he so hung up over this? It's not like I'm actually into guys. Was he into me or something or did he just genuinely want to know for his pride? We've been friends since we were kids, I never would have thought he was into me. I had to find out petites models lolites or this would bother me the rest of the week."Truth or Dare?" I said, breaking the silence."We still playing?""Yea, and it's my turn so truth or dare?""Dare" Actually wanted truth this time."Hmm," I had to be loli cp art bold if I wanted to know, "I free loli manga dare you to kiss me.""What?""Just once, on the lips." Boy was I wasted."No way am free russian loli tgp I kissing you, Lou""Why not, I know you want to?""What the hell do you mean by that? I'm not gay.""You sure about that?" I kind of thought he wouldn't do it, so I made the first move. jap loli I got up from my chair and stood in front of him. "Come on, it's just a kiss""No and why would you think I was gay. I have Stacey and you have known me for like ever." He was erratic, guess I struck a nerve. I don't know what was coming over me. The thought of one of my best friends being into me was kind of wierding me out and turning me on at the same time, even if it wasn't true. I leaned my left arm around the back of his neck and leaned in about 4 inches away from his face."You sure you russian lolitta porno thumbs don't want to kiss me?" I was going all in now."Come on Lou, cut it out, I don't want to kiss you or any other guy for that matter, ok?""Too late" I leaned in and kissed him right on his lips. He wasn't letting me kiss him, but he wasn't resisting either. I was fired up from taking control of the situation like this. Even though I knew I wasn't into guys, the thought of kissing a cute guy like Josh and finding out whether he was gay or not was driving me. After about 4 seconds of holding him under my arm and kissing him, he porno lolit pushed me off. "Did you like that?""Fuck off Lou" He just knocked me off of him and stormed out of the room.--------------Part 2 to follow soon. Comments, questions, want more? Email me at I'd love to loli titties know what you think.
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